Do you want to become flexible, but you don't know where to start?

The Stretch30 Challenge can show you exactly what works in a matter of weeks!

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Do you want to find a simple and repeatable system to become flexible?
It's hard to stay flexible. We all get tight and stiff over time, but it's easy to ignore this until we feel pain or injury.
There are a lot of people out there with great stretching advice, but most of it is confusing or complicated. It's hard to know who to trust.
The Stretch30 Challenge will help you become flexible using the Better Stretching Method. This method was developed by Joe after working with 1000's of clients over his decade of experience and it’s based on real science. I've been coaching this WAY for years so I can teach you exactly how to perform this method over these 30-days.


I am a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, and founder of the fitness training business JoeTherapy.

I have been in this industry for over 10 years, helping people achieve their goals of physical wellness by providing personalized coaching, nutritional guidance, corrective exercise techniques and therapeutic bodywork.

My clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, NFL Pro Bowl players, championship bodybuilders, Hall of Fame golfers and basketball players as well as Hollywood celebrities.

And it's not just athletes who benefit from my expertise - people from every walk of life come to me for help with rehabilitation or prevention: runners looking to improve performance; those recovering from injury; office workers who want to stay healthy at their desk; seniors wanting to maintain mobility!


For the first step, we want clarity. PHASE ONE is about assessing your overall flexibility and movement range. Now that you know where you are starting from, it's time to make measurable improvements.It's all about laying a solid foundation here in phase one, so get ready to improve flexibility and get familiar with movements!


Welcome to PHASE TWO, where your body will start to learn how you take full advantage of the flexibility building in Phase One. We're excited for you because now it's time to challenge yourself with balance work that really challenges your stability and strength—don't worry if things seem shaky at first! This phase is about continuing everything there was during phase one, but increasing the amount of movement so take this as an opportunity for growth!


One, Two, Three! Phase Three is the final phase of training before you transition to your new lifestyle. You've made it through two challenging phases and this one will be no different. We'll wrap up our time here with some finishing touches! Keep up with the consistent work! Finishing strong at the end feels good!



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  • 30-Days of Follow Along Stretch Routine Videos!
  • Assessments to pinpoint the problem areas!
  • Stretch Demos breaking down step by step how to perform the stretches optimally!
  • Private Facebook Community to support you through the 30 days!
  • Cheat Sheets and Accountability Calendar to keep you on track throughout the challenge! 
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($250 Value)

  • BONUS Foam Roll Routine!
  • THREE Dynamic Warmup Routines (w/ video)
  • Accountabiliity Calendar
  • Assessment Cheat Sheets
  • Routine Cheat Sheets
  • Weekly Giveaways!
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