Do you want to stay loose and pain-free so you can continue to do the things you love?

The Stretch30 Challenge can show you exactly what works in a matter of weeks! 


 New Group Starts on March 1st, 2022!

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Introducing the New & Improved STRETCH30 CHALLENGE

Here's what you get...

  •  30 Days of STRETCH30 (Every week we will focus on a certain area of the body! Keeping us focused on the goal!)
  • Additional resources to help you understand the art of stretching and stay accountable so you can make consistent progress.
  • Exclusive Community (for unlimited accountability and support)
  • Weekly Facebook Live Sessions to answer any questions you might have.
  • Weekly prizes to keep you on track
  • BONUS: $500 Cash Prize to one winner! (winner will be chosen using multiple factors and not my transformation alone. Everyone has a chance too win!)
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What's Inside - Finally Improve your health with these modules!

"Finally Touch Your Toes"

Have you always wanted to touch your toes? We will get you there in this module!

"Fix Posture the Right Way"

Spending too much time sitting? I'm going to show you how to reverse the effects of poor posture and show you tips and tricks on how to survive the desk life!

"Happy Hips"

Happy hips, happy life! Is that how the saying goes?! Anyways, it's true and I'm going to show you how to unlock your hips!

"Shoulder Saver"

Full range of motion is key for the shoulders. Let's make sure both sides are working smoothly to avoid future injuries!



I am a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist, and founder of the fitness training business JoeTherapy.

I have been in this industry for over 10 years, helping people achieve their goals of physical wellness by providing personalized coaching, nutritional guidance, corrective exercise techniques and therapeutic bodywork.

My clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, NFL Pro Bowl players, championship bodybuilders, Hall of Fame golfers and basketball players as well as Hollywood celebrities.

And it's not just athletes who benefit from my expertise - people from every walk of life come to me for help with rehabilitation or prevention: runners looking to improve performance; those recovering from injury; office workers who want to stay healthy at their desk; seniors wanting to maintain mobility!



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  • 30-Days of Follow Along Stretch Routine Videos!
  • Assessments to pinpoint the problem areas!
  • Stretch Demos breaking down step by step how to perform the stretches optimally!
  • Private Facebook Community to support you through the 30 days!
  • Cheat Sheets and Accountability Calendar to keep you on track throughout the challenge! 
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($1000 Value)

  • $500 Cash Prize!
  • BONUS Foam Roll Routine!
  • THREE Dynamic Warmup Routines (w/ video)
  • Accountabiliity Calendar
  • Assessment Cheat Sheets
  • Routine Cheat Sheets
  • Weekly Giveaways!
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