Do You Have Tight Muscles?

In only 9-Minutes a day, Better Stretching On Demand will guide you to Greater Flexibility, Less Pain, and Enhanced Performance using the Better Stretching Method.

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Greater mobility, improved functionality, better performance, less pain, and pain prevention. In as little as nine minutes a day.

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Remember when you could move your body pain-free?


Stand or sit for hours without pain? Move like we used to when we were kids? Or when our bodies didn't feel stiff as a board? 

Almost everybody experiences it in some form. If you are reading this, chances are you feel this way too.

The Problem is where do we start and who do we listen to?


And that's why I created the

Better Stretching Method!


This method was developed by Me (Joe) after working with 1000's of clients over my decade of experience and it’s based on real science.

I've been using this method for years so I can teach to teach my clients the importance of mobility to live a better life.



I am a certified personal trainer and licensed massage therapist.

My clients include Olympic Gold Medalists, NFL Pro Bowl players, championship bodybuilders, Hall of Fame golfers and basketball players as well as Hollywood celebrities.

And it's not just athletes who benefit from my expertise - people from every walk of life come to me for help: runners looking to improve performance; those recovering from injury; office workers who want to stay healthy at their desk; seniors wanting to maintain mobility!

Hi, My Name is Joe Yoon…

…but many know me as Joe Therapy. I picked up that name helping all kinds of people—from truck drivers and nine-to-fivers to champion bodybuilders, NFL pros, and Olympic gold medalists. They all had different goals but my mantra for all of them was the same: When you move better, you feel better. And, ultimately, you live better.



The Weekly Routine (9-Minutes a Day)


“The Weekly Routine is just like brewing your coffee. It's a ritual you don't want to skip and one that does wonders for your health, and it only takes 9 minutes out of your day!”

Better Stretching (The Class)


“Better Stretching the Class is where it's at. The Better Stretching class will not only leave you feeling more mobile but you'll be surprised how rejuvenated you will feel after this.”

(BETTER) Recovery


“Sometimes you need to reset your body for the next workout, this routine has been perfect for active rest days! This routine allows me to give myself some much-needed attention.”

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Lifetime Access (Limited 4-Year Anniversary Offer)

$197 (One-Time Payment)

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BONUS - STRETCH30 Challenge ($97 Value)

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